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Studio Procedures & the Protocols to keep you safe!  

Thank you for your understanding.

Steps for Your Session at Elemental Movement - Pilates and More

This is to ensure your safety during these still confusing times.
If you want to discuss, or have suggestions feel free to let me know.


Arrive on time (goldilocks rule -not too early & not too late). I am encouraging you to leave as many of your belongings, (ie. purse, bags -coat),  in your car. But only if you feel safe to do so, you can, of course, bring them in and use the belongings tray.

Enter the studio - Please text me when you arrive so I can get garage door for you.  Please come on in, slip off your shoes, sanitize your hands and sign in. I will give you a "belongings tray" to place all your personal belongings. (ie. coat, keys, purse, water bottle, etc).  It is placed near your mat/equipment.   

Hand washing &/or hand sanitizer - before & after your session. (*this is the most important step in preventing the spread of germs & viruses!!)

 Don’t touch your face ! - consider bringing a facecloth or hand towel to wipe your face, during your workout.

 Distancing - Please try to keep 6 ft between you and your classmate (unless from same household). I will try to maintain 6 ft between you and me -prior/post & during classes. 

 Cleaning Equipment

You will get a NEW, fresh clean micro cloth to clean your equipment with.  Should you want to clean your equipment before your session, please arrive early enough to do so.  We are using the following steps to ensure proper cleaning technique:

  1. Clean hands with sanitizer before cleaning equipment.
  2. Spray the soap and water solution directly onto your fresh cloth (reapply as needed).

  3. Gently scrub the surface you are cleaning to use friction to loosen germs from surfaces so they can be removed easily.

  4. Be sure to clean ALL the hard surfaces you touched during the session.

  5. There will be a different spray & cloth for all the springs (if using reformer). (clean last)

  6. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, when you are done cleaning.

  7. Grab your belongings, and wipe the tray.

  8. Place the used micro clean cloth in the green and blue bin.

  9. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer, before leaving the studio.

‚ÄčPersonal Protection - if you feel at all uncomfortable, please feel free to wear a mask. I most likely will wear a mask as I feel more comfortable with the thought of keeping my clients protected.

Should you really be coming in?? - if you are sick or have been around someone that has any symptoms -stay home!  

Same with me - if I'm not feeling well, I'll reschedule the class.

Studio cleanliness - High traffic frequently touched areas will be cleaned & disinfected with Hospital Grade Disinfectant, (ie. door knobs, counters, faucets), throughout the day.  At end of day all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected. 


I am trying to create practices and protocols that will reduce the proliferation of germs - so will be updating these procedures constantly to achieve the best practices to keep me & you healthy! Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about my hygiene practices.