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Meet Heather

Heather was introduced to Pilates in 2014 as part of a rehab program from her physiotherapist.  She continued on with classes and found she loved the emphasis on mindful movement.  Heather believes that Pilates works out your mind as much as your body!

Heather has a degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering, but has always had an interest and passion about health and fitness.  She is fascinated with how the body moves and "geeks out" on everything to do with biomechanics and the neurological connection to our bodies.

While soul-searching on a career that would align with her passion, Heather's Pilates instructor inspired her to do the instructor training program offered at Pilates from the Centre in North Vancouver (originally an Instructor training school form the world-renowned Pilates at the Center in Boulder, CO).  After 850 + hours of training and internship in Classical Pilates, as well as some Franklin Method®, Heather is so excited to be teaching people how to move in the most easeful and efficient way.

When Heather graduated from her program, she knew this was not the end of her educational journey and is planning to study additional modalities that will dovetail with her Pilates practice (e.g. NKT, P-DTR).  Heather feels that studying additional disciplines will be complementary and allow her to help her clients get the most from their practice.

Outside of teaching, you'll find Heather enjoying all types of outdoor pursuits with her husband, two daughters and her dog, Fitz.  She loves to hike, bike and ski and tries to get on the water on her paddle board whenever she can.