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...and more!

While Pilates is the foundational platform for the movement fitness system I practice at Elemental Movement - Pilates and More, there are some other methods that integrate with the practice to optimize your experience and results.  Some of my training included Franklin Method and I plan on studying other modalities that will complement the Pilates practice (e.g. Neurokinetic Therapy, Proprioceptive Deep-Tendon reflex).  More info to come...


Franklin Method® (from the Franklin Method website:)

Franklin Method "combines scientific and anatomical analysis with imagery interventions, evolutionary insights, touch and movement, in ways that are both effective and fun. It can be used as a tool to improve overall fitness and body usage, or as a specific performance enhancement in athletics, music and dance.

It is a perfect adjunct to physical therapy and rehabilitation, as it is rich in take home exercises and gives insight into how to get the client’s mindset involved in the therapeutic interaction. 

You learn the fundamentals of body design and how to efficiently integrate your mind through the use of imagery in movement. You learn how your body is designed to function, which gives you immediate insight into how you have been using that design, and from there you can choose your course of action, regimen of exercise, mental training, or therapy from a more informed and empowered perspective."

For information about Franklin Method please see The Franklin Method website.